Saint Frances: a review insert cool guy wearing sunglasses here

Alright my homies, I thought I’d try something new. Now this is probably more gonna be a review of my experiences around this movie rather than the movie itself, which is probably how I’ll do all my reviews. And what a better time to write this than 02:33 am Friday the 14th of august in lovely g*(I censor the city because of the fact that the one stranger who reads my stuff could use it to track me down and kill me). Also yeah sorry for missing last weeks post so I’m writing two to make up for it.

So let me set the scene. I’m on me holidays and I am meeting up with my gf(yes the one that I dedicated a post to. That’s right this blog has recurring characters besides my mental issues and my delusions of grandeur) and we’re like “we should see a movie” and like but what movie. So after a rigorous review process

We settled on Saint Frances, Saint Frances follows Bridget and her dealing with her problems of being a women in her mid 30’s. Through this journey she has a growing friendship with a child she nanny’s called Frances. She has to balance this job along with all this other shite( I say Shite as in it seems really difficult and tough and I don’t understand it, not as in I don’t care or that I am trying to belittle the struggles of women)

Now as you can see from our aforementioned rigorous testing process I wasn’t exactly thinking of paying attention to this film nor did I think I’d especially enjoy it. Couple that with the fact me and my gf had the cinema screen alone together(yay covid!) So Imagine my shock when I absolutely fucking loved the film and that I was invested in it from start too finish which ya know caught me off guard. Because it didn’t seen especially aimed at me. Which is fair, not like everything needs to be aimed at me. But nah, this movie fucking slaps like no cap. There’s not a single character I don’t love, bar the characters you are supposed to dislike e.g M.r I don’t wanna wear a condom. The dialogue flowed really well, none of it felt cringy or shit. It felt like real human talk. there were plenty of times I laughed and plenty of times I felt emotional.

The soundtrack was good too. Nothing slapped or went especially hard but that makes sense. The soundtrack matches the vibe of each scene greatly. Again, nothing I’d add to my spotify playlist but nothing like that was especially necessary . It’s the piece of the meal that wouldn’t be your favourite part but without it the meal just wouldn’t go as hard.

I don’t want to spoil the film, because I think everyone should go watch it once they’re done reading this review. But it is brilliant in its simplicity. There was never a moment where something felt out of place or like it should be cut. Like the film would still be great without some scenes but it’s better because of those scenes. Hell here’s a seal of approval if I’ve ever heard of one. In a part near the end of the film there’s this great scene right, And there is just one moment in this scene that is just chefs kiss And despite the fact I was alone in a dark theatre with a women I dearly love(and is just brilliant, quick flex), and with all my teenage hormones and shit, this scene and moment was able to take my attention away from my gf. Now she got my attention back in like one second, but even the fact it was able to take my attention away for a second is a testament to how good this film is.

So yeah that is my thoughts on Saint Frances. Now i’m sure this is a crap review but fuck it right. The film is a great watch and most bad reviews I’ve read for it are just chuds and the like getting angry over the film because it focuses on women and the realitites of being a women, Oh and it also has lesbians. Like if it angers those tosspots it’s a must watch

My final score is 9/10. A perfect movie and worth every minute of it’s 1hr 46 minute run time. Sit down by yourself or with a friend or partner and just enjoy. I know I for one will have to re watch it.

Oh and if you say Jace isn’t best boy, send me your address I just want to talk.