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I am going to kill a TD(s). This is not a joke or a threat. ITS A FUCKING PROMISE


The mother and baby homes. Nearly 1000 dead in Tuam alone though we can never know how many more around the country. Plus 2000 children sold for adoption. The last of these homes ended in the late 90s. Institutions of abuse funded and sanctioned by the Irish state. Another in the long list of tragedies in the history of the Irish state, another one perpetrated by the catholic church. Tho after the first 100 scandals does it really even count anymore. I mean whats another drop in the fucking bucket of shite in ireland. There was some hope tho with the commission and its records being released. Except

The records are being sealed for the next 30 years. But why would a Taoiseach who has been a FF Td since 89 and whose party was part of the scumfucks that helped this system want to see them sealed. Why would FG a party that also helped that whole damned putrid system and it’s leader want to see these records sealed? The only one that isn’t obvious is the green party? Why would a “leftwing” party be pro this? Well its obvious actually, I was just pretending to not know. Because The Greens,FF,FG don’t give an actual shit about women or children. They only care about their own necks. FF and FG know that this shit being public would make their already dogshit reputation be worsened even more. And Green party is to busy slobering the cock of whatever party will take it. So in their own interests and not in the interests of the people, they voted to seal the records up.

And our “so cool small president with the epic doggerinoes” signed it into law. And immediately the noble liberal establishment jumped to his aid to protect him from all the mean internet people. Immediately they talked his “le epic own” and how cool and sassy it was because he released a statement and how we could publicly challenge it. “b-but he had to sign it into law” he could have refused in protest. Or even better yet he could not take part in the inherently corrupt system that is bourgosie institutions like the free state. I’m sure the dead babies in the septic tank really give a fuck about how cool he is or about how this is actually a fucking good. “Don’t blame me, if you want you can ask the Nazi high command to let you challenge their sealing of the records of autzhwitz.” FUCK UP AND HAVE SOME FUCKING COP ON YOUH FUCKING MELT

Now it is time to come to terms with the fact that shitebag capitalist parties and abuser laden parties will not help you now, nor will they ever help you. FG,FF and the greens won’t help you. the social democrats, labour,Sinn Fein not right to change or independents for change. Not RISE not solidarty not PBP and certainly not the fucking socialist party. The only party that can help you is an actual fully fledged communist party. Communist are the only people who have consistently fought for women’s rights and for children’s rights throughout Irish history. From Connolly to Costello. You are not going to reform your way out of the free state, you are not going to reform your way out of capitalism. The only choice is ripping the implements of the state out of the cold dead hands of the bourgeoisie, BY FORCE.

I wish to curse the names of every single fucking td who voted for this. I hope they burn in hell for all eternity, that their children all grow barren, that they contract the most vile venereal diseases know to man and that there body is left to rot as crows peck out their eyes. There is no amount of torment that I can wish on you that you truly deserve. You are the lowest of the low. Below maggots, complete fucking filth. Slimy scumfuck bastards, may you be hung on your own fucking innards, choking on your vomit covered in your own shit and piss you fucking useless excuses for life.

Below is a list of every single td who voted for it. I only condone the sending of emails to them. You cannot charge me with any more crimes brought against them. Incase you want to charge me with incitement for violence foot soldier of fascism and capitalism reading this

Colm Brophy, Dublin South West –

James Browne, Wexford –

Richard Bruton, Dublin Bay North –

Colm Burke, Cork North Central –

Peter Burke, Longford-Westmeath –

Thomas Byrne, Meath East –

Jackie Cahill, Tipperary –

Dara Calleary, Mayo –

Ciaran Cannon, Galway East –

Joe Carey, Clare –

Jennifer Carroll MacNeill, Dun Laoghaire –

Jack Chambers, Dublin West –

Niall Collins, Limerick County –

Patrick Costello, Dublin South-Central –

Simon Coveney, Cork South-Central –

Cathal Crowe, Clare –

Cormac Devlin, Dun Laoghaire –

Alan Dillon, Mayo –

Stephen Donnelly, Wicklow –

Paschal Donohoe, Dublin Central –

Francis Noel Duffy, Dublin South West –

Bernard Durkin, Kildare North –

Damien English, Meath West –

Alan Farrell, Dublin North –

Frankie Feighan, Sligo-Leitrim –

Joe Flaherty, Longford-Westmeath –

Sean Fleming, Laois-Offaly –

Norma Foley, Kerry –

Brendan Griffin, Kerry –

Simon Harris, Wicklow –

Sean Haughey, Dublin Bay North –

Martin Heydon, Kildare South –

Emer Higgins, Dublin Mid-West –

Neasa Hourigan, Dublin Central

Heather Humphreys, Cavan-Monaghan –

Paul Kehoe, Wexford –

John Lahart, Dublin South-West –

James Lawless, Kildare North –

Brian Leddin, Limerick City –

Convicted criminal Michael Lowry, Tipperary –

Marc MacSharry, Sligo-Leitrim –

Josepha Madigan, Dublin Rathdown –

Catherine Martin, Dublin Rathdown –

Steven Matthews, Wicklow –

Paul McAuliffe, Dublin South-West –

Charlie McConalogue, Donegal –

Helen McEntee, Meath-East –

Michael McGrath, Cork South-Central –

Joe McHugh, Donegal –

Aindrias Moynihan, Cork North-West –

Michael Moynihan, Cork North-West –

Jennifer Murnane O’Connor, Carlow-Kilkenny – jennifer.murnaneoconnor@oireachtas

Eoghan Murphy, Dublin Bay Situh –

Hildegarde Naughton, Galway-West –

Darragh O’Brien, Dublin Fingal –

Joe O’Brien, Dublin Fingal –

Jim O’Callghan, Dublin Bay South –

James O’Connor, Cork East –

Willie O’Dea, Limerick City –

Kieran O’Donnell, Limerick City –

Patrick O’Donovan, Limerick County –

Fergus O’Dowd, Louth –

Roderic O’Gorman, Dublin West –

Christopher O’Sullivan, Cork South-West –

Padráig O’Sullivan, Cork North-Central –

Marc O’Cathasaigh, Waterford –

Éamon Ó Cuív, Galway West –

Anne Rabbitte, Galway East –

Neale Richmond, Dublin Rathdown –

Michael Ring, Mayo –

Eamon Ryan, Dublin Bay South –

Brendan Smith, Cavan-Monaghan –

Niamh Smyth, Cavan-Monaghan –

Ossian Smyth, Dun Laoghaire –

David Stanton, Cork East –

Robert Troy, Longford-Westmeath –

Leo Varadkar Dublin West –

Politics? Stuff that will put me on a list for googling about


The world seems pretty shit right now. Riots in the streets across the world, fascism is rising and of course Covid has killed over 1 million people. And then we have to deal with the shit fucking economy. Like the moment we leave Covid the world will go into the greatest economic depression we will have ever seen, at least in my opinion. Really sucks doesn’t it.

Well have no fear my friends. For this will go well do not fear. For when shit hits the fan what happens? well we enter a well known historical era called “The cool zone”. Former cool zones can be seen in the 1920s, the 1960s. Such as the Bolshevik revolution, Chinese revolution, Irish revolution and following civil war, the Cuban revolution and of course the Zapatistas revolution. “But Shergar” I hear you cry, “There is no more revolution, history ended with the collapse of the soviet union, now we will just suffer forever while voting in social democrats”.

Well that’s where you’re wrong. There are revolutions throughout the world tho you will never hear about them(I wonder why). For example (Yakos world plays) ELN in Colombia, FARC dissidents in Colombia, Zapatistas in Mexico, Popularly revolutionary group in mexico, The NPA in the Philippines, The Naxalites in india, the PKK in turkey, the TKPML in turkey, the PFLP in Palestine, the PPP in Palestine, the PPSF in Palestine, the DFLP in Palestine, the YPG in Syria, the BFL in Venezuela, the NDAA in Myanmar, CPE-Red Sun in ecuador, the PLA in Columbia, the ALO in Afghanistan and C(M)PA in Afghanistan. To name a few(yes that is an incomplete list).

There is plenty of revolution throughout the world. And with the coming bad times, there will be a massive upsurge in good times. Yes of course struggle is bad. But the aftermath of the coming struggle will be a better brighter future for us and our children and grandchildren. We will struggle, we will suffer but we will succeed. They thought it was the end with 1991 and the Chinese capitalist roaders seizing control(with the petulant neo fascist that is Deng Xiaping). But they didn’t know that it was only the beginning

They tried to bury us, they didn’t know we were seeds.

I don't even know bro

I’m so cool and based because I’m racist. I sure hope Schrödinger’s leftist doesn’t beat me up

Schrödinger’s leftist. Both a violent thug and a weak college cuck. Well we obviously found out the truth of this statement on Saturday the 10th of October 2020. It was shown that Irish Fascists are nothing but cowards who have to hide behind the government. Not the strong man, macho types they profess to be. What a surprise. A cult based around male chauvinism didn’t live up to the image they pretend to have. Besides a core of about 30 people the Irish fascist movement is made up of basement dwelling chuds who post on discords and on /pol/ while also simultaneously make jokes about “muh soros funded commies have no understanding of the outside world”

But I digress. I would encourage my readers to look up the footage of the protest and counter protest and of course subsequent fascist meltdown on social media. Posting pictures of dropped chip buttys claiming it was where a man was assaulted and that the ketchup was actually in fact blood(no explanation for where all the chips came from tho) Or that 9 Antifa members had been arrested for cocaine possession at the protest (though why would you bring drugs on you too a protest? seems like a waste imo). My favourite posts however were of course the stuff claiming this was actually a fascist propaganda victory. Because it showed the left being violent and evil. They failed to account for the fact it made the right look violent and evil, probably more seeing as they were having an anti lockdown protest on the day had its highest spike in Covid cases since the 16th of april.

Funny seeing rags like the Burkean begging republicans to come to their protests and then when republicans they throw a hissy fit. One second it’s “please come to be protest and be based” and now it’s “please please stop hitting my face, leave me alone”. I swear to god, some people smh. Can’t make up their minds. They where really expecting republicans to be super based conservatives who would team up with Fascists. Even tho throughout their whole existence republicans have opposed fascism. That said it’s not like the fascists weren’t constantly changing their tune from “please join us” to “Modern republicans are washed up and weak”. Tho I assume this will be the final nail in the coffin for their attempts to suck up to the republic movement. That is until a few NP heads form an “armed wing” and then all get arrested for planning it in a “le epic based” discord.

Now you might ask me what’s the point of this article. Is it to highlight what a small enough but dedicated group of anti fascists can do? That the battle of Ireland is still heavily in favour of anti fascists? That fascists ain’t shit? Yes to all of these. But most importantly to gloat in this moment of victory. Now I will end this article with an appropriation of a fascist meme template as well as saying Glory to the anti fascist alliance and it’s militants ¡No pasarán!

Wanker writing

People really don’t give a fuck about history

I don’t use Tumblr. However an app I do use is Instagram which happens to have a shitton of screenshots of Tumblr posts on it. And it was as I was perusing Instagram( most likely after my body was reported in Among us) that I came across an interesting post. It was about the diary entry of a teenage girl that read something like “Went to art museum today, it was boring. I think fred likes me. Man lands on moon”. That is hilarious, we view it as this massive event that had everyone glued to their screens. And this girl? She gave 4 words. FUCKING 4! It’s just so fucking funny lol.

But then something was in the Tumblr replies that caught my attention. it was someone mentioning one of their grandparents diary entries. It was from the 1940s and It went something like this “We went to nanas today. she gave us buttermilk scones. mom didn’t want her too but she still snuck them too us. Mussolini is no longer in power”. WHAT. Like ww2 shook the world and shaped the modern world as we know it. It’s this massive momentous event. And there are more lines allocated to scones than to Mussolini getting deposed. And at first I thought this was weirdo yank behaviour. But then I took a step back and thought about it.

And It hit me that I judge people this stuff when I do it in the modern day. For example CERN supercollider. That was a thing that I remember hearing shit tons about. And it was gonna happen. It was presumably this massive thing for science. Maybe even a modern man on the moon type of event. And I don’t remember it. Nor do I remember caring. I probably remember the day it was on. But thats not CERN day to me. No that’s “I went to the park and had fun :)” or “I had scones today”. Hard to know of course because I never wrote down any of my memories. Same with the financial crash of 2008. I didn’t know there had been a recession until like 2 years later I’d say. Probably more(tho I was 5 at the time cut me some slack)

And that’s just neat to me. It’s perspective innit like. Last example I promise but I asked my mam about the fall of the soviet union. And she didn’t remember it or remember caring about it. It was about as much bother to her as hearing that a woman down the road had got a new car. People really don’t give a shit about stuff unless they need to care about it or someone forces them to give a shit e.g school. Unless you want to destroy your mind by reading a shit ton of books about economics and history but what kind of fucking loser would do that HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH.

So often we read from the positions of important men, what people want us to learn. But It’s nice once in a while to see the position of the little man. It gives you that feeling on the ground. I think JoJo rabbit is good for this. Sure it’s a WW2 movie. But it’s about a kid living in it. It’s about people manoeuvring through it and learning and growing. We have the main character while also overcoming his misconceptions of Jewish people he also has to deal with growing up. It’s an interesting perspective I haven’t seen too much of. Tho I suppose people living normal lives might not making some exceptionally interesting movies and tv. Suppose so

I’ll leave ye with these diary entries from a 50ish protestant women from the 90s in the north of Ireland
“August 31st 1994 Wednesday. The IRA have stopped their violence I hope. I went to see Sam with Jennifer and Kevin, he wasn’t too good.”
“15 august 1998 Went to Kesh
At 3:10 a bomb went of in Omagh killing 28.”
“July 5th 1998 Orange men at Drumcree ” “July 6th Orange men still at Drumcree”
“25th 1991 nothing written” (this was the collapse of the soviet union)
“9th of November Thursday 1989 Richards second driving lesson tonight” (fall of the berlin wall)

I don't even know bro

Boy I was locked out for a couple days and it was very scary

So before I get into this post I just have to say that it has come to my attention that my last post didn’t make it clear it was about 6 different people. My bad, I have no cleared that up and added something pointing that out. Was funny having people ask me who hurt me so bad I made 6 poems about them lol. But nah just 6 different poems. Oh and also it has yet to happen but just a reminder that if you email me(my email can be found in the about section) I will stick it up on my wall. This is only valid for the first email I receive from that account. So seeing as I haven’t been emailed yet (😭😭😭) that offer is still valid.

Ok so now I will explain why there wasn’t a post this week. If the title didn’t give it away I lost my password and then couldn’t get it reset. But now it’s fixed. And the reason my last post wasn’t posted until Wednesday or whatever was because it was more effort than usual so I kept not finishing it and uploading it. I know it’s not that exciting but yeah. It was really stressful not being able to log in. Thought I’d lose all my hard work I swear to god.

This is an update post basically. I’m thinking I might start doing two posts a week. I’ll continue the weekly Sunday/Monday post at least but I might try making a second post on Thursdays. Tho that one will be political themed so viewers be warned. It might just be a fortnightly thing, we’ll have to see if I can keep it up or burn out within a week. It might be vague politics sometimes and more history but eh who knows.

So yeah, I promise to bring ye back to your regularly scheduled
programming starting next week lol. Hope ye weren’t worried or anything.
So yeah, remember send any inquiries to my email in my about section 🙂

6 W's

6ws Idea


Ok so my idea with this came from a very bad mood I was in which lead to me having a slight breakdown which lead to me transcribing a much ruder version of “Why” that had 8 lines of “FUCK YOU FUCK YOU”. Fun stuff. So I wrote 6 messages too/about 6 different people 🙂

But yeah I liked doing sets of stuff and I wanted to do something more personal and different to my usual gobshite rambling

Hope you enjoy them and enjoy figuring out who they’re about.
I wont tell you who they’re about. If you do get it right I still will probably not tell you who they’re about. So yeah enjoy. There is no order to them. Also if they are bad don’t say shite to me

6 W's


Where did you get all these illusions?
That make you think so highly of yourself.
You’re so full of shit, playing with my head
either intentionally or unitentionally?
I’m done with you shit tho.

Where does your bullshit end?
Does it end when I drop you?
Does it end with your end?
It ends with a new manufactured personality
made for yourself.

Where am I supposed to go?
Now that I’m the bad guy.
cause I’m tired of your shit, I suppose
that I should let you walk all over me?

Where will you go when that doesn’t happen.
Maybe stay and change for the better?
Nah you never change, wherever you go I hope you
suffer like I suffered. Go straight to hell you slimy scumfuck bastard

6 W's


When will this bright future you promise come about?
When will the endless circle of shite end?
When you give me the chance to vote for mr wanker face number #1?
Not a chance. When pigs fly

When will others cop onto your nonsense?
It drives me up the wall being told that I should just wait and vote.
If your young it makes sense, just foolish innocence. But if your older?
You’re just plain fucking stupid. Either lobotomised or intentionally ignorant. But it can’t last forever.

When your time comes we will not make excuses.
There will be no mercy.
There will be no vote.
There will just be the voice of the people finally heard.
When that time comes you will kick and scream and cry but no one will listen.
When that time comes we will finally be happy.

6 W's


How can I change?
How can I better myself?
I want to but Its difficult.
I apologise it’s taken me so long to realise who I am
and how I hurt people. That’s why I write this too express
that I won’t deal with the trash in my life anymore.

How can I be forgiven?
I hope you will. I know you will.
Everyone I care for now is kind and will.
How can I not be happy
with friends like ye?

How can I thank you?
You have shown me kindness even when
I don’t deserve it. I will repay ye.
By being a decent person and living a decent life
How can I not be happy?

6 W's


Who the actual fuck do you think you are?
To tell me how I feel? Bullshit.
So full of your own bullshit
you project it onto others.
Well I won’t let you, fuck you.

Who are you? Just an asshole.
After all you did to me, how you took advantage
of me and then turn around and act like its ok?
I can never forget, but you seem to forget easily.
If it wasn’t for my good friends I wouldn’t have realised
what trash you where.

Who do you think I love? Because you were right.
It was never you. So now I have to thank you.
Because if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t be with
the greatest person ever.
Who would I be if you didn’t use me like you did,
abused me mentally like you did.

Who would I be without you? someone as bad as you.