6 W's

6ws Idea


Ok so my idea with this came from a very bad mood I was in which lead to me having a slight breakdown which lead to me transcribing a much ruder version of “Why” that had 8 lines of “FUCK YOU FUCK YOU”. Fun stuff. So I wrote 6 messages too/about 6 different people 🙂

But yeah I liked doing sets of stuff and I wanted to do something more personal and different to my usual gobshite rambling

Hope you enjoy them and enjoy figuring out who they’re about.
I wont tell you who they’re about. If you do get it right I still will probably not tell you who they’re about. So yeah enjoy. There is no order to them. Also if they are bad don’t say shite to me

6 W's


Where did you get all these illusions?
That make you think so highly of yourself.
You’re so full of shit, playing with my head
either intentionally or unitentionally?
I’m done with you shit tho.

Where does your bullshit end?
Does it end when I drop you?
Does it end with your end?
It ends with a new manufactured personality
made for yourself.

Where am I supposed to go?
Now that I’m the bad guy.
cause I’m tired of your shit, I suppose
that I should let you walk all over me?

Where will you go when that doesn’t happen.
Maybe stay and change for the better?
Nah you never change, wherever you go I hope you
suffer like I suffered. Go straight to hell you slimy scumfuck bastard

6 W's


When will this bright future you promise come about?
When will the endless circle of shite end?
When you give me the chance to vote for mr wanker face number #1?
Not a chance. When pigs fly

When will others cop onto your nonsense?
It drives me up the wall being told that I should just wait and vote.
If your young it makes sense, just foolish innocence. But if your older?
You’re just plain fucking stupid. Either lobotomised or intentionally ignorant. But it can’t last forever.

When your time comes we will not make excuses.
There will be no mercy.
There will be no vote.
There will just be the voice of the people finally heard.
When that time comes you will kick and scream and cry but no one will listen.
When that time comes we will finally be happy.

6 W's


How can I change?
How can I better myself?
I want to but Its difficult.
I apologise it’s taken me so long to realise who I am
and how I hurt people. That’s why I write this too express
that I won’t deal with the trash in my life anymore.

How can I be forgiven?
I hope you will. I know you will.
Everyone I care for now is kind and will.
How can I not be happy
with friends like ye?

How can I thank you?
You have shown me kindness even when
I don’t deserve it. I will repay ye.
By being a decent person and living a decent life
How can I not be happy?

6 W's


Who the actual fuck do you think you are?
To tell me how I feel? Bullshit.
So full of your own bullshit
you project it onto others.
Well I won’t let you, fuck you.

Who are you? Just an asshole.
After all you did to me, how you took advantage
of me and then turn around and act like its ok?
I can never forget, but you seem to forget easily.
If it wasn’t for my good friends I wouldn’t have realised
what trash you where.

Who do you think I love? Because you were right.
It was never you. So now I have to thank you.
Because if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t be with
the greatest person ever.
Who would I be if you didn’t use me like you did,
abused me mentally like you did.

Who would I be without you? someone as bad as you.

6 W's


What makes you think you can be there for me?
You’ve never been there?
There’s a reason I don’t turn to you.
It’s because you’ve never been there for me.

What should I think of that?
No matter the mental breakdowns I have,
you abandon me. Sure
go apologise profusely but if you really cared you’d change.

What should I do now?
Because I feel like shit.
I should be turning to you.
And I feel guilty when you apologise.
Am I just supposed to suffer in silence?
Or should I not feel anything at all?

What would you think If you read this?
You’d probably feel like shit. What am I?
I am an asshole, but you abandon me.
Let he who has not sinned cast the first stone.

6 W's


Why do I feel nothing?
When I think that you’re gone?
I cried when I found out you had gone,
I cried when I said goodbye.
Now there is nothing, Why?

Why did you go?
How could you even leave?
What an asshole. Did you think of those
you’d leave behind?
Fuck. I’m still here.
Did you just ignore us? Just ignore me? Why?

Why do I say things like this when I know it’s wrong?
Maybe if I hadn’t left for months you wouldn’t have left.
I know I shouldn’t blame myself
but what else should I blame?

Why can’t I move on.
It’s been a year but you’re always on my mind.
Maybe I’ll never move on. Maybe I’ll never move on.
Maybe I’ll visit you.