6 W's


Who the actual fuck do you think you are?
To tell me how I feel? Bullshit.
So full of your own bullshit
you project it onto others.
Well I won’t let you, fuck you.

Who are you? Just an asshole.
After all you did to me, how you took advantage
of me and then turn around and act like its ok?
I can never forget, but you seem to forget easily.
If it wasn’t for my good friends I wouldn’t have realised
what trash you where.

Who do you think I love? Because you were right.
It was never you. So now I have to thank you.
Because if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t be with
the greatest person ever.
Who would I be if you didn’t use me like you did,
abused me mentally like you did.

Who would I be without you? someone as bad as you.