I don't even know bro

Boy I was locked out for a couple days and it was very scary

So before I get into this post I just have to say that it has come to my attention that my last post didn’t make it clear it was about 6 different people. My bad, I have no cleared that up and added something pointing that out. Was funny having people ask me who hurt me so bad I made 6 poems about them lol. But nah just 6 different poems. Oh and also it has yet to happen but just a reminder that if you email me(my email can be found in the about section) I will stick it up on my wall. This is only valid for the first email I receive from that account. So seeing as I haven’t been emailed yet (😭😭😭) that offer is still valid.

Ok so now I will explain why there wasn’t a post this week. If the title didn’t give it away I lost my password and then couldn’t get it reset. But now it’s fixed. And the reason my last post wasn’t posted until Wednesday or whatever was because it was more effort than usual so I kept not finishing it and uploading it. I know it’s not that exciting but yeah. It was really stressful not being able to log in. Thought I’d lose all my hard work I swear to god.

This is an update post basically. I’m thinking I might start doing two posts a week. I’ll continue the weekly Sunday/Monday post at least but I might try making a second post on Thursdays. Tho that one will be political themed so viewers be warned. It might just be a fortnightly thing, we’ll have to see if I can keep it up or burn out within a week. It might be vague politics sometimes and more history but eh who knows.

So yeah, I promise to bring ye back to your regularly scheduled
programming starting next week lol. Hope ye weren’t worried or anything.
So yeah, remember send any inquiries to my email in my about section 🙂