I don't even know bro

I’m so cool and based because I’m racist. I sure hope Schrödinger’s leftist doesn’t beat me up

Schrödinger’s leftist. Both a violent thug and a weak college cuck. Well we obviously found out the truth of this statement on Saturday the 10th of October 2020. It was shown that Irish Fascists are nothing but cowards who have to hide behind the government. Not the strong man, macho types they profess to be. What a surprise. A cult based around male chauvinism didn’t live up to the image they pretend to have. Besides a core of about 30 people the Irish fascist movement is made up of basement dwelling chuds who post on discords and on /pol/ while also simultaneously make jokes about “muh soros funded commies have no understanding of the outside world”

But I digress. I would encourage my readers to look up the footage of the protest and counter protest and of course subsequent fascist meltdown on social media. Posting pictures of dropped chip buttys claiming it was where a man was assaulted and that the ketchup was actually in fact blood(no explanation for where all the chips came from tho) Or that 9 Antifa members had been arrested for cocaine possession at the protest (though why would you bring drugs on you too a protest? seems like a waste imo). My favourite posts however were of course the stuff claiming this was actually a fascist propaganda victory. Because it showed the left being violent and evil. They failed to account for the fact it made the right look violent and evil, probably more seeing as they were having an anti lockdown protest on the day had its highest spike in Covid cases since the 16th of april.

Funny seeing rags like the Burkean begging republicans to come to their protests and then when republicans they throw a hissy fit. One second it’s “please come to be protest and be based” and now it’s “please please stop hitting my face, leave me alone”. I swear to god, some people smh. Can’t make up their minds. They where really expecting republicans to be super based conservatives who would team up with Fascists. Even tho throughout their whole existence republicans have opposed fascism. That said it’s not like the fascists weren’t constantly changing their tune from “please join us” to “Modern republicans are washed up and weak”. Tho I assume this will be the final nail in the coffin for their attempts to suck up to the republic movement. That is until a few NP heads form an “armed wing” and then all get arrested for planning it in a “le epic based” discord.

Now you might ask me what’s the point of this article. Is it to highlight what a small enough but dedicated group of anti fascists can do? That the battle of Ireland is still heavily in favour of anti fascists? That fascists ain’t shit? Yes to all of these. But most importantly to gloat in this moment of victory. Now I will end this article with an appropriation of a fascist meme template as well as saying Glory to the anti fascist alliance and it’s militants ¡No pasarán!