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I am going to kill a TD(s). This is not a joke or a threat. ITS A FUCKING PROMISE


The mother and baby homes. Nearly 1000 dead in Tuam alone though we can never know how many more around the country. Plus 2000 children sold for adoption. The last of these homes ended in the late 90s. Institutions of abuse funded and sanctioned by the Irish state. Another in the long list of tragedies in the history of the Irish state, another one perpetrated by the catholic church. Tho after the first 100 scandals does it really even count anymore. I mean whats another drop in the fucking bucket of shite in ireland. There was some hope tho with the commission and its records being released. Except

The records are being sealed for the next 30 years. But why would a Taoiseach who has been a FF Td since 89 and whose party was part of the scumfucks that helped this system want to see them sealed. Why would FG a party that also helped that whole damned putrid system and it’s leader want to see these records sealed? The only one that isn’t obvious is the green party? Why would a “leftwing” party be pro this? Well its obvious actually, I was just pretending to not know. Because The Greens,FF,FG don’t give an actual shit about women or children. They only care about their own necks. FF and FG know that this shit being public would make their already dogshit reputation be worsened even more. And Green party is to busy slobering the cock of whatever party will take it. So in their own interests and not in the interests of the people, they voted to seal the records up.

And our “so cool small president with the epic doggerinoes” signed it into law. And immediately the noble liberal establishment jumped to his aid to protect him from all the mean internet people. Immediately they talked his “le epic own” and how cool and sassy it was because he released a statement and how we could publicly challenge it. “b-but he had to sign it into law” he could have refused in protest. Or even better yet he could not take part in the inherently corrupt system that is bourgosie institutions like the free state. I’m sure the dead babies in the septic tank really give a fuck about how cool he is or about how this is actually a fucking good. “Don’t blame me, if you want you can ask the Nazi high command to let you challenge their sealing of the records of autzhwitz.” FUCK UP AND HAVE SOME FUCKING COP ON YOUH FUCKING MELT

Now it is time to come to terms with the fact that shitebag capitalist parties and abuser laden parties will not help you now, nor will they ever help you. FG,FF and the greens won’t help you. the social democrats, labour,Sinn Fein not right to change or independents for change. Not RISE not solidarty not PBP and certainly not the fucking socialist party. The only party that can help you is an actual fully fledged communist party. Communist are the only people who have consistently fought for women’s rights and for children’s rights throughout Irish history. From Connolly to Costello. You are not going to reform your way out of the free state, you are not going to reform your way out of capitalism. The only choice is ripping the implements of the state out of the cold dead hands of the bourgeoisie, BY FORCE.

I wish to curse the names of every single fucking td who voted for this. I hope they burn in hell for all eternity, that their children all grow barren, that they contract the most vile venereal diseases know to man and that there body is left to rot as crows peck out their eyes. There is no amount of torment that I can wish on you that you truly deserve. You are the lowest of the low. Below maggots, complete fucking filth. Slimy scumfuck bastards, may you be hung on your own fucking innards, choking on your vomit covered in your own shit and piss you fucking useless excuses for life.

Below is a list of every single td who voted for it. I only condone the sending of emails to them. You cannot charge me with any more crimes brought against them. Incase you want to charge me with incitement for violence foot soldier of fascism and capitalism reading this

Colm Brophy, Dublin South West –

James Browne, Wexford –

Richard Bruton, Dublin Bay North –

Colm Burke, Cork North Central –

Peter Burke, Longford-Westmeath –

Thomas Byrne, Meath East –

Jackie Cahill, Tipperary –

Dara Calleary, Mayo –

Ciaran Cannon, Galway East –

Joe Carey, Clare –

Jennifer Carroll MacNeill, Dun Laoghaire –

Jack Chambers, Dublin West –

Niall Collins, Limerick County –

Patrick Costello, Dublin South-Central –

Simon Coveney, Cork South-Central –

Cathal Crowe, Clare –

Cormac Devlin, Dun Laoghaire –

Alan Dillon, Mayo –

Stephen Donnelly, Wicklow –

Paschal Donohoe, Dublin Central –

Francis Noel Duffy, Dublin South West –

Bernard Durkin, Kildare North –

Damien English, Meath West –

Alan Farrell, Dublin North –

Frankie Feighan, Sligo-Leitrim –

Joe Flaherty, Longford-Westmeath –

Sean Fleming, Laois-Offaly –

Norma Foley, Kerry –

Brendan Griffin, Kerry –

Simon Harris, Wicklow –

Sean Haughey, Dublin Bay North –

Martin Heydon, Kildare South –

Emer Higgins, Dublin Mid-West –

Neasa Hourigan, Dublin Central

Heather Humphreys, Cavan-Monaghan –

Paul Kehoe, Wexford –

John Lahart, Dublin South-West –

James Lawless, Kildare North –

Brian Leddin, Limerick City –

Convicted criminal Michael Lowry, Tipperary –

Marc MacSharry, Sligo-Leitrim –

Josepha Madigan, Dublin Rathdown –

Catherine Martin, Dublin Rathdown –

Steven Matthews, Wicklow –

Paul McAuliffe, Dublin South-West –

Charlie McConalogue, Donegal –

Helen McEntee, Meath-East –

Michael McGrath, Cork South-Central –

Joe McHugh, Donegal –

Aindrias Moynihan, Cork North-West –

Michael Moynihan, Cork North-West –

Jennifer Murnane O’Connor, Carlow-Kilkenny – jennifer.murnaneoconnor@oireachtas

Eoghan Murphy, Dublin Bay Situh –

Hildegarde Naughton, Galway-West –

Darragh O’Brien, Dublin Fingal –

Joe O’Brien, Dublin Fingal –

Jim O’Callghan, Dublin Bay South –

James O’Connor, Cork East –

Willie O’Dea, Limerick City –

Kieran O’Donnell, Limerick City –

Patrick O’Donovan, Limerick County –

Fergus O’Dowd, Louth –

Roderic O’Gorman, Dublin West –

Christopher O’Sullivan, Cork South-West –

Padráig O’Sullivan, Cork North-Central –

Marc O’Cathasaigh, Waterford –

Éamon Ó Cuív, Galway West –

Anne Rabbitte, Galway East –

Neale Richmond, Dublin Rathdown –

Michael Ring, Mayo –

Eamon Ryan, Dublin Bay South –

Brendan Smith, Cavan-Monaghan –

Niamh Smyth, Cavan-Monaghan –

Ossian Smyth, Dun Laoghaire –

David Stanton, Cork East –

Robert Troy, Longford-Westmeath –

Leo Varadkar Dublin West –

I don't even know bro Rants


Ok so before I start rambling let me just state that firstly hope the losers enjoy their LC results. Hopefully the government doesn’t ride yer holes too much. Secondly I promise I’ll be producing something of worth on this blog soon. I have some ideas I want to do so you won’t have to deal with my worthless rambling for too much longer at most one more week? Please don’t get bored. anyway onto the rambles and vague topic.

I think I lie too much. Like I lie all the time. I’ve built lies on lies on lies. Like there are people I never meet but when I do I have to keep working on a lie I built years ago. Like some of the lies are small. ye know exaggerating stories slightly for the sake of it, nothing too bad. But I do that, plus a bunch of worse stuff. Like it’s not that I even want to lie it’s just instinct. Not like I should have developed that instinct, not like i have an especially hard life. I just lied to protect the fact I wasn’t as cool as I wanted to be. at least that’s how it started out.

And it just got worse from there. Stupid little lies that when people find out they lol at, because it was a silly thing to lie about. Wonder what they’d think if they found the big lies. But that’s not the worst of it. I lie to myself constantly. Like I lie to myself so much I have doubts over if I really need reading glasses. I’ve been to the eye doctor and they’ve said I need them. But what if i’m secretly fooling everyone and even my own eyes? I mean I’ve lied about other stuff too so it’s not like it’s something I wouldn’t do. It makes me doubt my own memories cause I know psychology is wacky and all that so I probably could be misremembering stuff because I forced myself too.

And the absolutely positively worst thing? what if I’m just lying to myself so much that I think I’m lying to myself. It’s just this infinite feedback loop that makes me worse and worse and worse and worse. Well you obviously know thats how feedback loops work. It’s just this hell. That and I’m trying to figure if i got wackass shit in my head or if it’s just traits of wackass shit that I’ve picked up off of people with said wackass shit. So i’m balancing that with this great feeling that I’m a liar to everyone around me. Is that imposter syndrome? I don’t know what Imposter syndrome is and I care not to google. cause i’ll just start taking on those traits to fuck with myself. Fun aint it.

And obviously I know that I’m probably being overdramatic and shit and that I should just be quite cause I just want to feel special or cool or whatever. But eh. Thoughts? IF you have them please do tell me. either by responding to where i posted this e.g a groupchat of my friends or by email that is in my about section.

Also I made the title by smashing my head off of my keyboard.


I’m immune to propaganda but you’re not

I am going to try and be as non biased as I can in this because some people might have an aneurysm if I did.The [redacted] banter crowd.

But with that out of the way let me begin. The whole point of this blog post in one sentence is that it drives me up the wall when people somehow believe that our government and society is somehow better than the US. Now let me specify that yes the US is a shithole but just because it is a shithole doesn’t mean you can feel superior to those living blissfully ignorant to their government while you wank off to Leo Varadkar and his Mean Girls quotes.

The most succinct moment of this was a convo I was having with my gf. In it the OATSA(offences against the state act) came up and I was discussing how it is undemocratic along with the special criminal court(which beside numerous other problems doesn’t have a Jury). My gfs response? Shock and responses like “But in CSPE we were told Ireland is democratic” and others of the like. She was genuinely surprised and confused as to why when she was in state education that they didn’t teach her about all the dodgy stuff they where doing. I do not blame her, I was the same for a long while. I am still shocked tho that people are so surprised by it.

I always knew that people had been fooled by propaganda from a young age due to political positions from my dad but even then I had been fooled. It is platos cave and all that jazz. But the most effective tool I think possessed by the propaganda machine of Ireland is the existence of the United States. Whenever police brutality is brought up? The united states is worse. Whenever poverty is brought up? At least it’s not the United states. Healthcare? USA. The same old story. We can laugh at how backwards they are while our government makes things worse and worse but at least our leader can quote movies and people who sent in death squads to massacre us.

Yet our government can arrest us and throw us in jail with very little “evidence” such as a senior Garda official saying we are in the IRA and then we get to be in jail for 5 years minimum. And no-one knows this. Our government is forced to pay money every time it uses the special criminal court and every year it costs money that we have portlaoise prison due to specific security precautions. Small price to pay for security. The government beats up travellers and throws immigrants in inhumane conditions in direct provisions. And do you want to know the funnies part? When I try to dispute propaganda? I am told I need to read and that I am the one suffering from propaganda. How dare I suggest that they are foolish enough to suffer from propaganda. I am the fool in fact. I am the one who has been propagandised. They loudly proclaim to me “I’m immune to propaganda but you’re not”